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Super Plusha was released on 17 October 2002 via MeGaGP

Now you can purchase full version of Super Plusha here: MeGaGP

You also can obtain a free demo version of the game at MeGaGP

STORY: A little bear Plusha saves his fluffy friend Tukki and their land from aliens. You may collect or buy super items to become Super Plusha. But it isn't necessary. You have just freed your friends.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Plusha the bear, Tukki (Tokki in Korean version) the hare and Kuzya the cat.

FEATURES: This game contains 6 LEVELS + 1 SECRET LEVEL. Each level contains up to 20 levels of a parallax background. Some levels aren't linear. In the each level, there is a BOSS.

There are some flying lifts, buttons, switches, hidden triggers, teleports, locks and other items.

You can collect CONES and throw then on your foes. You can crush blocks with some skills / super items. Each super item adds you a super skill (i.e. flying, crushing blocks, etc.).

You can buy some special items at Kuzya's spiffy shop. If you have "Snake's Continue Token" then you can save your game. It converts all your cones, tokens and super items into the money. Next time you can start playing from the saved level.

The duration of the game play time is more than 5 hours. (If you don't count SECRET LEVEL and EXTRA LEVELS)

This game supports downloadable plug-ins: Extra Levels (free & commercial), More Other Languages.

FaMe Soft

FaMe Soft STAFF: D.M., Musicmen, Bron, GraF, Konstantin Chufarov, Victor Malakhov, Alexander Alyaev & Natalia Bronnikova (Some of these guys don't work with us now but we're grateful them for support).

WE THANK: Aj0, Mr.Spiv, FireFly, Valken Lee, ZardosJones, _mp_, DarkFader, Stifu, Wishmoo, Rino, GPZIGI , Bobbyb and the GamePark team for support.

Plusha&Tukki #1 (4koma)

Screenshots of Super Plusha game
Korean menu
English menu
French menu
intro cut scene
cut scene
game over
level title
load saved game
level summary
level 1
level 2
level 3
exit and save
select language

I'm sorry... These screenshots are outdated. Check MeGaGP for the last ones.

Updated: November 2, 2002