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Free GP32 demos and sources

1. U-Book 0.2 (text, HEX, RAM, ROM viewer)
(my English font) Compare my TextViewer to Select file dialog
Screenshot of a Russian text with the same font (11x10)

my HEX Viewer4x6 English Font

6x8 English Font6x8 Russian Font

This is a handy Text / HEX viewer "U-Book". It has only a few basic functions. I've made a support of bitmap fonts. I've created a great format of bitmap fonts
(With this method anyone can make his own unique bitmap font in an hour)

There's a special S.P.I.F.F.(c) smooth font option. It makes reading texts easy and increases capacity of the display up to 80x40 chars! Actually.. it's hard to read small chars... So I'm going to use these small fonts for HTML parser, etc.

TextView by GameparkJust compare my U-Book TextViewer to the one by GamePark 8)) Which is better?

Download: U-Book (Free Beta Version 0.2) (Zipped 69k)

Download: (OLD VERSION) U-Book (Free Beta Version 0.1) (Zipped 69k)

2. Free RM2k Marathon GP32 demo 0.1

This demo contains an example of sprites (24x32) animation and a nice background scrolling
Download MARATHON.FXE (Zipped 105k)
Download Marathon Sources (Zipped 76k)

3. NEW: Put Pixel function in 16-bit mode
Download PutPixel .FXE + Sources (Zipped 35k)

Check my GP32 Forum for more free sources and updates

Updated: September 19, 2002